Who is Chameleon on The Masked Singer? Fans Think The Darkness Singer Justin Hawkins…

January 11, 2020, 1:00 PM | Updated: January 11, 2020, 2:37 PM

Could it be Justin Hawkins?

Could it be Justin Hawkins?


Viewers try to reveal who is behind The Chamedon on The Masked Singer and we have summarized all theories.

The masked singer is just a few episodes in and fans are addicted to the ITV show, which is inspired by the American talent series of the same name.

On the program 12 celebrities see elaborate costumes and fight them out in a number of classical songs, while the all-star panel has to figure out who is behind the mask.

Where are Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling staying at Love Island in South Africa?

After a performance of & # 39; Creep & # 39; from Radiohead, fans have desperately tried to unravel the clues of the person giving the blows, dressed like the chameleon.

With not much to do except that Rita is stripped & # 39; who it was, the bump of the singer who became a topic of conversation on social media and the fact that they were the voice of a children's cartoon are the guesses everywhere.

The participant claims & # 39; many talents & # 39; and have a & # 39; dazzling urban act & # 39; to be.

He admitted, however, that he & # 39; was more used to the technique of the & # 39; 70 & # 39; and added: & # 39; I once gave the voice of a cartoon character for children. & # 39;

Some fans have guessed that actor and presenter, Alexander Armstrong is potentially behind the mask, with one tweeting: "Chameleon is 110% Alexander Armstrong because he is an actor and he chose Damger Mouse in the 80s #MaskedSinger (sic)."

Most people, however, have placed their bets on musician, Justin Hawkins, who was the lead singer of The Darkness.

A tweet read: "100% convinced that the Chameleon on #maskedsinger is Justin Hawkins! – this city is not big enough for the both of us – you can hear" the singer "suppressing his voice against high -" The Darkness "neon light on the background of the video! The other clues that you can match! "

Another fan agreed and said, "Not long ago, he was the voice of a cartoon character in a children's program! So I'm sincerely convinced!"

Who is hedgehog?

Who is Daisy?

Who is Chameleon?

Who is Queen Bee?

The masked singer is on ITV at 7 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday for 8 episodes.

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