Ubisoft to Release 5 AAA Games Between Oct 2020-March 2021

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I have to admit that Ubisoft is not really one of my favorite developers. I have long been in love with some of their biggest IP's and although I always enjoy a Far Cry, I never do my best to play them.

However, it seems that Ubisoft is preparing for a huge release peak, because a report via TechPowerUp has suggested that the publisher plans to launch five AAA games between October 2020 and March 2021.

Ubisoft releases five AAA games

Now, at the risk of offending your intelligence a little, if this is correct, this could essentially mean that Ubisoft has planned a major release of games for every month during that period. A rather ambitious space for what is generally a relatively quiet publisher in terms of output.

So what games can we expect? Well, the (completely unconfirmed) list is as follows:

  • Watch Dogs Legion
  • Gods and monsters
  • Rainbow Six Quarantine
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Far Cry game

This list also apparently shows the order in which the respective titles will appear. So Watch Dogs comes in October, with Far Cry (6?) Expected around February / March 2021.

What are we thinking

In terms of releases, this is certainly quite a hefty line-up, including some of the largest franchises from Ubisoft. There are, of course, a few notable omissions. For example, there is no news about something new from Rayman, nor indeed, Splinter Cell.

However, I dare to say that this must be treated with a touch of optimism. We can only hope that when these games are launched, they will be in a relatively decent condition. I mean, let's be honest, while Ubisoft isn't the worst for launch day issues, they've had their problems in the past!

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