Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab Announces Season 5, Focusing on Social Entertainment

As part of Ubisoft's mission to provide engaging, creative and fun experiences, the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab's next six-month season – a program designed to support entrepreneurs and startups by providing access to expert assistance and facilities from world class – partly devoted to the theme of social entertainment and will explore how to create entertainment experiences that are socially inclusive, empowering, positive and accessible.

In the previous season of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, the theme focused on designing products and services to improve the gaming experience before, during or after a game session. This led to close collaboration with the French start-up Immersiv.io, which aims to improve the live sports experience with AR technology. This collaboration is intended to offer fans the opportunity of a unique extended esports experience, giving them access to real-time data and statistics, in addition to the excitement of the live experience. Another interesting collaboration was formed with the South Korean startup Planetarium, which created an open-source blockchain engine that allows players to modify persistent online games, enabling and encouraging the community to conceive and create the games that they want to play.

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"This season we want to focus specifically on social entertainment," says Catherine Seys, program director of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. “We want to continue to explore this path for gamers, muds and viewers of our content. Together with talented entrepreneurs who work in different areas of entertainment – music, video production, live shows – we want to contribute to creating the exciting, creative and fun bonding and entertainment experiences of tomorrow. "

Social entertainment includes gaming with friends, groups and / or social networks, but also includes a much wider spectrum of entertainment and human interaction. The boundary between players and spectators has narrowed in recent years, thanks to the popularity of streaming platforms that allow content creators to bring their live content with a high level of interaction. The emergence of esports also marks an increase in people's desire to come together and share an experience, or by filling out stadiums to encourage their favorite team, or chat with others watching the tournament team. Communities are created around the adaptation or adaptation of games. Designers are increasingly taking this into account and gamers are becoming increasingly empowered as stakeholders in the future of entertainment.

Gaming is more focused on community, lifestyle and collective creativity than ever before. Gamers want to participate in the complete experience and want to share it with friends and others around the world. The phenomenon is promoted by the development of other technologies, such as blockchain, which makes modding communities and cloud gaming sessions possible for thousands of people.

Do you think your startup could develop the social entertainment experiences of tomorrow? Register for season 5 of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. View our previous reporting for more information about the program.

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