Three Houses will join the Smash Bros Ultimate roster on January 28th.

Today's Nintendo Direct was expected to be a meaty given the length of 38 minutes and the focus on the latest Fighter Pass DLC character from Smash Bros Ultimate. Game Director for Smash Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, revealed that the character from Fire Embled: Three Houses, Byleth would join the giant roster of the game from January 28.

As usual with FE characters in Smash, Byleth also comes in both male and female flavors. However, unlike the majority of the FE cast, Byleth is more than just & # 39; another swordsman & # 39 ;, because the newcomer hunter has access to three other relic weapons: spear, ax and bow. In addition, the main sheet of Byleth has a few unique tricks in its sheath, such as the Up Special which turns it into a grappling hook to pull them towards their opponent.

Byleth comes together with a brand new phase with a unique twist. The monastery of Garreg Mach, the center of Three Houses, runs between four different rooms, namely the reception, the market, the bridge and the cathedral. Of course a number of new songs will be added for the shiny new phase.

Apart from Byleth, a lot of new Mii Fighter costumes will also be added to the game based on characters from different franchises, including Megaman X and .Exe, Assassin & Creed, Cuphead and Rabbids.

In January 2020, the Nintendo Direct also moved to the final part of the upcoming DLC ​​for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This brand new story, called Cindered Shadows, will act as a kind of sideline for the main campaign and introduce a fourth secret house, the Ashen Wolves. According to the Direct, this house worked under Garreg Mach without anyone's knowledge. Players can recruit four additional characters from the Ashen Wolves that are then included in the main story. Cindered Shadows will be released on February 12. A free piece of content that makes Jeritza playable is also set for a later date.

Love it or hate it, Byleth is another FE character who participates in the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. For more news from Nintendo, Fire Emblem and Smash, keep watching The Digital Fix here.

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