Apple has announced a release date for a movie that it has temporarily suspended following allegations of sexual misconduct against one of its producers.

The tech giant said The Banker, starring Samuel L Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Nicholas Hoult, arrives in cinemas in March before using his Apple TV + streaming service later that month.

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Anthony Mackie plays the lead role in The Banker, which was temporarily suspended by Apple after allegations were made against one of the producers (Ian West / PA Wire)

It was planned to arrive in December, but Apple abruptly canceled the movie's premiere at the AFI Fest in Los Angeles, citing "concerns about the project."

It was later reported that two women, Bernard Garrett Jr., who was a co-producer of the film, had accused them of harassing them when they were girls.

After announcing the new release date of The Banker, Apple said in a statement to Variety: “We wanted to take the time to have the situation at hand and after reviewing the information we have, including documentation of the investigation from the film makers, we have decided to make this important and illuminating film available to viewers. "

The film is based on the life of Mr. Garrett's father, Bernard, who recruited a white man in the 1950s and 1960s to run a real estate and banking business.

Bernard Garrett, who is played by Mackie in the film, was convicted of bank fund abuse in 1968.

The Banker, which also plays Nia Long, Jessie Usher and Colm Meaney, will receive a limited theatrical release in the US on 6 March and will arrive on Apple TV + on 20 March.