Tech Digest: More news this week

Skin-sensitive smartphones

Phones are already scanning our eyes, face and fingerprints in exchange for access, but they can still be fooled. To prevent fraudsters, the German company Trinamix has developed skin-sensitive technology so that future scans of your face can include whether it is actually made of meat.

Twenty pounds of tricks

If you happen to get a new £ 20 polymer that has been put into circulation this week, Snapchat wants you to enjoy it a bit. The messaging app has released a lens that uses augmented reality to animate JME Turner's paintings – which is on the note – and turn the note into a fun work of art.

TikTok lock

The Chinese company TikTok has introduced a family safety mode designed to equip parents with stricter controls on how their children use the app and ultimately manage how much time they spend on it. New controls include remotely restricting who sends them messages, turning off direct messages, and restricting inappropriate content. Warning: this can cause tantrums.

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