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ADA prices are rising above the $ 0.3600 price level with a sustained increase.

There is a significant 0.55% gain in prices and is now trading between the price levels of $ 0.03640 and $ 0.03630.

The ADA / BTC pair is performing well as there is a 0.24% gain bringing the levels to 0.00000498.

Prices once again climbed above the USD 0.0360 level and tried to achieve a gradual increase from here.

The bulls are looking for strong momentum and to raise the USD 0.03650 level, ADA prices are currently in a serious situation as they are again at the crucial point of


bulls are running out and once again they got bearish momentum.

ADA prices

gained strong support of $ 0.0360 as it supports prices to maintain an upward wave, but prices fall short of the resistance line so immensely presented at the $ 0.03650 level

Currently, the market capitalization of ADA is $ 922,946,137 USD with a traded volume of $ 89,410,880 USD and a circulating offering of 25,927,070,538 ADA.

Cardano price analysis

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Source: tradingview

The technical chart shows that prices are about to begin bearish momentum with a gradual decline in all aspects of prices. Chat gives many negative signals to the crypto traders.

The technical indicators and oscillators show that there is an increase in altcoin's sales volume, leading to bearish momentum.

MACD level is trading with strong fluctuations, but the bears have now gained the upper hand as ADA's sales volume takes a negative divergence. 24hr-RSI gained strong bearish momentum as it came straight to the normal region and was still showing signs of further decline.The 24-hour CCI is reaching the normal region after falling from the over-buying region with strong downward momentum due to the increase in the buy-sell volume of a cryptocurrency.

Support level $ 0.03630

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