Talking Point: What Free April 2020 PS Plus Games Do You Want?

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What is the April 2020 PlayStation Plus range? And when will the April 2020 PS Plus games be announced? We suppose you could describe the March 2020 lineup as a mixed bag, with the excellent Shadow of the Colossus accompanied by the unwieldy Sonic Forces. Now that coronavirus is causing widespread panic, we've never needed such a great PS Plus update like now. Read on for a full rundown of all the latest PS 2020 rumors and speculation from April 2020.

For a brief summary, check out our full list of all the free PS Plus games in 2020.

When will the April 2020 free PS Plus games be announced?

It's been another unusual month that may confuse some fans looking for information on the April 2020 PlayStation Plus lineup. We don't expect the free PS Plus titles to be announced until Wednesday April 1, which we appreciate if we leave late.

When can the April 2020 free PlayStation Plus games be downloaded?

You can download the selection of free PS Plus games from April 2020 from the first Tuesday of the month, which falls on April 7 on this occasion.

What are the April 2020 free PS Plus games?

There have been rumors of the April 2020 PlayStation Plus line-up, but we'd love to see something striking to make up for the trash that happens outside. Maybe DOOM would be a nice treat and spark enthusiasm for its brand new sequel? The original Final Fantasy VII could be a fun appetizer for the upcoming remake, although the ship may have sailed on that front. Or how about Monster Hunter: World? After all, it was free in Japan.

Which free PlayStation Plus games for April 2020 do you want?

In the midst of this ongoing global crisis, what can we expect from PS Plus? It really doesn't seem important, but a good selection of free PS4 games can improve the mood of fans around the world. Is there anything special that would cheer you up? Let us know.

What April 2020 free PS Plus games are you looking for? Is there a particular title you would appreciate during this coronavirus crisis? Stay safe in the comments below.


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