Sort your internet this weekend with one of these five excellent broadband deals

In the extensive list of the most exciting things you could do this weekend – climbing a mountain, skydiving, catching a much-hyped UFC 246 live stream – we suggest you rank your next broadband offer far far at the bottom of the list.

But if it's something you should do, we have two good news for you. First, the market is chock full of inexpensive internet plans, to the point that there is almost to lots of choice. Secondly, we have already done the search for you.

That means you can currently skip the price comparisons, reviews, and 50 internet tabs that are probably on your laptop, as we have listed the absolute top five broadband offers below.

All five are based on the big names you know, with industry leading prizes, cashback or a reward for your investments. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your needs.

The 5 best broadband offers available now:

1. The best BT broadband agreement on:

BT Superfast Fiber | 24 months Avg. speed 50Mb | Weekend conversations £ 9.99 delivery £ 28.99 pm + £ 80 BT reward card
For some, BT is the only choice when it comes to the internet. And if this is what you are looking for, the BT Superfast Fiber 1 package is the eye-catching option. For £ 28.99 a month you get speeds of 50Mb on average. But thanks to the inclusion of a £ 80 BT reward card you actually pay only £ 25.65 a month, but you are bound for two years.
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2. A free upgrade of your broadband offers

Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband | 18 months Avg speeds 63Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation £ 23 pm (or £ 21 for existing Vodafone customers)
It's a simple offer – get the fastest fiber package from Vodafone for the same price as the regular Superfast 1 option. That means speeds of on average 63 MB (ideal for 4K streamers and even the busiest households) at a price of just £ 23 per month – the best price for speeds of this caliber.
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3. Go all the way for broadband and TV deals

Virgin Media Big Bundle | 12 months 213Mb average speed | Weekend conversations £ 35 setup | £ 33 a month
If you can get Virgin where you live (and it's a big one), then it's hard to look beyond this brilliant broadband deal. It comes with two big bonuses – the ridiculously high fiber speeds of 213Mb and the fact that you also get a TV bundle. That means more than 110 channels, weekend calls and the possibility to pause live TV. These are many functions for just £ 33 a month. View Deal

4. The cheapest fiber-optic broadband agreement in the UK

Plusnet Unlimited Fiber Broadband | 18 months 36MB average speed | FREE in advance | £ 22.99 per month + £ 70 cashback
Do you not want to pay too much for your internet? This deal will be ideal. The speeds are on average 36 MB, so you have a lot of speed for streaming and light gaming and the price comes at an affordable £ 22.99. However, if you take into account the £ 70 cashback offered, the price will be an effective £ 19.10 a month or, in other words, the cheapest fiber broadband deal there is.
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5. A name that you know with a freebie

TalkTalk Faster fiber broadband | 18 months Avg speeds 38Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation £ 21.95 pm | £ 40 gift voucher
Paying less than £ 22 a month for a broadband offer is impressive in itself. But add that £ 40 sweetener and it is really exceptional! There is also nothing to pay in advance, and TalkTalk guarantees that you will not see the prices rise for a year and a half.
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