Samsung Galaxy S11 will get a Huawei P40-beating video camera upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S11 is on the way very soon. The highly anticipated phone will be unveiled during the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on 11 February. Just when you thought that details could no longer leak over the phone before it was launched, we still get a little bit of information from a well-known Samsung fan site. If it is true, it is an addition to an already impressive sounding camera setting.

Leaked information that was heard on this year's Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2020, was passed on to SamMobile's Samsung outlet. The source claims that both the Samsung Galaxy S11 (or, as is known, the Samsung Galaxy S20) and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Bloom clamshell can record foldable video images in 8K resolution.

Shortly after launching these products, the tech giant would enable 8K streaming and reportedly collaborate with Google to make it possible for YouTube.

With 8K TVs and monitors entering the market, there is currently a lack of 8K content to use the new technology. By democratizing 8K and putting that power in people's pockets, Samsung hopes to rectify this.

Samsung Galaxy S11

A cross section of what the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11 could look like

(Credit balance: Concept Creator)

What is 8K?

With 8K still in its infancy, that is the number combination you are looking for when purchasing the next generation of TV & # 39; s. A 8K TV will display 7680 x 4320 pixels on the screen, an image four times as clear as standard 1080p hi-res. It may not be all that different on your phone, but stream it to a smart TV (of course with the 5G connection of your phone) for a better resolution than cinema.

With the next Samsung flagship that already has a 108mp camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens and a time-of-flight lens to improve the quality of depth in images, it sounds like the camera settings of the Samsung S11 will be world class.

The big surprise is the same possibility for Samsung & # 39; s new foldable, because the main rival tried to compensate the foldable Motorola Razr moderate specifications and a high price with its nostalgic design. If Motorola uses fewer specifications to keep its experimental folding phone at a reasonable price, what does Samsung cost the best 8K folding recording?

We will know for sure if Samsung will bring 8K to the masses when Samsung Galaxy Unpacked finally arrives next month. We can not wait.

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