PS5 wishlist: the most wanted specs, features and games

After years of speculation, months of teasing and tempting rumors, the launch of PlayStation 5 is almost upon us. But now it is expected that it is only a few weeks away from the launch, there is still much that we do not know.

Of course, that includes SSD technology. And AMD will be behind the processing and graphics units.

But what about the design? What about the launch games? What about the features to make the PS5 not just a game console, but a hub for all your entertainment needs?

The TechRadar team has given caution to the wind and has put together the most wanted features for the PS5 – no matter how realistic or in some cases bizarre.

More ports, more varied ports
Bill Thomas: Computing Editor

One of my biggest problems with the PS4 and the PS4 Pro is the lack of offered ports. Admittedly, this is probably a niche case, but I would like to be able to charge multiple controllers without having to buy a tricky dock or dongle, along with connecting an external hard drive. One of my favorite things about PC gaming is the ability to have about 10 USB ports on one device.

I also want more species of gates. When the console comes on the street, it will be 2020, almost 2021, so it definitely needs USB-C. External SSDs are more common than ever, and having that fast data transfer will be absolutely essential for anyone who wants to store their games remotely. Also DisplayPort: I want to connect my PS5 to a chic gaming monitor and get the most out of it.

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A controller with a decent battery life and charging
Tom Bedford: Staff writer telephones

I'm tired of how slowly the PS4 controller charges and how fast it runs out of power – sometimes it feels like I'm spending more time booting up the controller than actually using it wirelessly.

The PS5 controller definitely needs a USB-C connection and larger battery capacity if it doesn't want to be left behind hopelessly, but it would be good to include wireless charging (preferably with a charging pad built into the console itself), so that Turning on the piece of technology is easy and simple.

Dolby Atmos and Vision for superior home theater
Gerald Lynch: Senior Editor – Home and Lifestyle

The PlayStation 4 Pro was a step in the right direction, with 4K images and HDR support for the gaming and streaming line-up from Sony. But it is not yet the complete cinematic image that we want now.

Now that the PS5 is now capable of playing 4K Blu-ray media such as the Xbox One X, I would like to see Sony double in the premium cinema technologies that are now available to people. Namely wider HDR support and better surround sound options.

I am mainly talking about Dolby technologies. If you have not seen a movie on a Dolby Vision screen, using the dynamic metadata to adjust the contrast, black level and peak brightness on the spot, you have not yet lived. And the same goes for Dolby Atmos audio, which uses discrete overhead speakers or smart upfiring speakers to bounce audio from above, leading to an immersive and emotional viewing experience. They would be great technologies and functions that should not only be used for watching movies, but also for real gaming experiences of the next generation.

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Lots and lots and lots of storage
James Peckham: Phones Editor

As I write this, I downloaded a maximum of 10 games to my PlayStation 4. It is a day one console, so there is only 500 GB of storage space in it and because I now have a number of games that have tilted the 100 GB, it becomes unbearable .

With one version of the PS4 Pro with 1 TB of storage, I hope that and more on the PlayStation 5. A rumor suggested that the console would come with 2 TB, but I hope for more than that when the console lands on my TV .

I want to be able to install all my games in one go without having to remove a colossus such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Hitman 2 to make enough room for the latest PS Plus addition to my catalog. Of course I could just buy an external hard drive … but I think I'll just wait until the end of the year and get a whole new console.

Native backward compatibility … with everything
Samuel Roberts: Senior Entertainment Editor

Sony's attitude to backward compatibility is pretty poor compared to Microsoft. It's as if the manufacturer forgot to make two of the best-selling consoles of all time, each with a huge library of software (the PS3 was pretty good too). I'm sure there are both technical and cost-based reasons why it is not easy to do backward compatibility with games from previous PlayStation consoles, and clearly for Microsoft, emulating all these games on Xbox has been a huge undertaking.

But what a way to celebrate your legacy as a platform. It is not enough to stream those games on PS Now (and in some cases download them) if you ask me. Sony should endeavor to get more of its different software libraries on PS5 than on PS4. It just makes an all-in-one subscription option much more attractive, as Xbox Game Pass illustrates.

If I could put the discs for 7/10 PS2 classics such as The Matrix: Path of Neo and True Crime: Streets or LA in my PS5 and play them in 4K, I would be a lucky man. But it makes no sense that I can play PSone games on my PS2 and PS3, but not on my PS4.

(Credit: Sony)

We need more PlayStation Now downloads
Henry St Leger: Home Technology Writer

Despite a drip-feed of specifications (and that unfortunate logo) for the PS5, we still have heard little to nothing about how Sony's game streaming service, PS Now, will evolve on the next-gen console. More power should certainly help to stream those games better, but the real triumph would be to also give a download option to the entire streaming library for 800 games.

The PS Now platform does this for some titles, but not enough – considering offline play, problems with delays or cancellations are neatly solved during online streaming. (Bloodborne is punishing as it is!)

We know that game streaming will be big, with Google Stadia expanding its offering – and Xbox & # 39; s Project xCloud is also entering PS Now. But as long as the internet speed varies as much as between households, cities and countries, Sony must ensure that it does not leave behind a generation of gamers.

A strong range of exclusives
Vic Hood: Gaming Writer

Much of the reason why the PlayStation 4 was so successful is due to the high quality of exclusive PlayStation offers. The likes of Spider-Man, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn can be considered some of the best games of this console generation – and they were only available on PS4. This was a key factor in which console I, and many others, chose when it came to PS4 versus Xbox One and it is something that I really hope Sony will build on.

We may not know much about what PS5-exclusive games are in the pipeline, although we expect that upcoming games such as The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima will be cross-generation. But I hope we see a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 revealed, a final God of War sequel and at least one fantastic new IP to sink in for hours. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long and at least we'll see a of these games as a PS5 launch title.

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PlayStation Remote Play that really works … and GTA 6
John McCann, deputy editor-in-chief

The idea of ​​being able to stream and play your PlayStation on another device in your house is fantastic. Whether streaming to a tablet or a TV in another room, I played on Remote Play all the way … until I really tried.

It's bad. Like, very, very bad. Slow, lagging, low quality. You cannot play comfortably every game that requires quick responses, especially when playing online against others.

The PS5 has the chance to solve this. Reduce delay and latency, improve streaming efficiency and offer 4K resolution, so you can get the same experience remotely as when you are sitting on the couch in front of the console.

One more thing …

Yes, this is a piece. But if there is anything that guarantees that I will buy the PS5 on the day of launch, it would be this. If Rockstar and Sony can work together to align the launch of the PS5 with the launch of GTA 6 I will be sold.

It is also the kind of big name that makes people enthusiastic and stimulates sales. If GTA 6 offers a much improved experience over the PS4 build (as GTA 5 did between PS3 and PS4), there will be even more reasons for consumers to purchase the next-gen machine. Moreover, I will be very happy – and that is really important here.

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