PS5 VR controller patent suggests Sony is developing next-gen finger tracking tech

Another newly discovered patent from Sony may have revealed the existence of a next-gen PS VR controller for the upcoming PS5.

Originally excavated by UploadVR, the patent was filed by Sony with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2018, but has only recently been made available for public viewing and offers both a detailed description and images of the product.

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The "controller device" describes an "home use game machine" input system that "detects a user's hand" in addition to "a number of sensor units that detect the user's fingers."

This sounds not too different from the kind of virtual reality accessories used by PC VR headsets such as the Valve Index, where users have more precise control over every finger that is operated in the game room via a number of pressure-sensitive triggers.

However, like all Sony patents, this document should not be considered as a proof that PlayStation is running on such a device for PS5, or not at all, because the project may have been canceled altogether.

This is also hardly the first PS VR patent we have seen in recent months, with a rumor last week that suggests that Sony is indeed working on a successor to the next generation on the PS4's virtual reality headset.

With rumors about a revealing PS5 meeting in February, it is quite possible that we will have more official news about the future of PS VR in the coming weeks.

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