Hands on: LG CX OLED TV review

The LG CX OLED TV will certainly be of great interest in the coming year. The combination of image quality, sleek design, premium built-in audio and the winning smart webOS platform from LG made the LG C9 in 2019 an OLED TV for the history books. And although some changes have been made to his successor, the same benefits should still be seen.

In a TV set with a few shake-ups – namely the cancellation of the E-series OLED and the introduction of a new & # 39; gallery & # 39; display from the G-series – the question is whether the C- series will hold the crown for another year.

We have to get the LG CX close at hand CES 2020 expo in Las Vegas; although it has not yet gone through our complete, in-depth testing process, this is what we have collected from our time so far.

Price and release date

There is no MSRP for the CX yet, but we know that the 2019 model started at $ 2,499 / £ 2,499 (about AU $ 3,500) for the 55-inch, $ 3,299 / £ 3,299 (about AU $ 4,600) for the 65 -inch and $ 6,999 / £ 7,499 (about AU $ 9,800) for the 77-inch. Release around March / April is likely.

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A new year, a new model. The LG CX does not deviate too far from the design of its predecessor, with an equally slim panel and a pleasantly small bezel. It will be available in the same 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch sizes – with a brand new 48-inch model also for more compact homes.

One of the striking aspects of the C9 OLED was the TV standard, which used a curved design to direct audio from its downward-facing speakers to the viewer. The CX model we saw on the display had a clearly flat standard without the same kind of options, but we may have seen a temporary designation for the final design.

We know from the official product list that the CX will have the same 2.2 channel speakers and 40W output, in a downward configuration, but we'll have to wait and see if the position plays a similar role this time.

CX owners can also connect Bluetooth speakers to the television in different configurations – as a front speaker, rear speaker or in stereo. Although it probably doesn't replace a serious audio installation, it gives more options for surround sound and it is encouraging to see after the fragmented Bluetooth connection we found on the LG E9 when watching over-ear cans.

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But what about the implementation? The CX model – just like the GX, WX and ZX OLED & # 39; s that are launched next door – will use a new a9 Gen 3 processor, instead of the 2019 a9 Gen 2 chip.

We have been told that we expect some small improvements in image quality, with new algorithms that improve textures, reduce video noise and improve motion processing – which we all pay attention to in our full review.

But there are a number of brand new technologies in addition to these minor improvements, including special face recognition to ensure consistency and color accuracy of skin tones (shown below) and image settings that automatically detect the type of content you are viewing – switch to & # 39; cinema & # 39; or & # 39; sport & # 39; mode without having to comb through the settings menu.

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Early judgment

The success of the C9 OLED is certainly a good omen for the new CX model, which must have comparable image quality, a leading smart TV platform and 2.2-channel audio to boot.

The improved processor should only be good, and the pride of the CX in the OLED line-up from LG seems to be assured, especially now that the OLED from the E-series has been phased out. We are delighted to see the smaller 48-inch model, which could prove a runaway success if it does the price well.

The CX lacks a few premium features stored for the more expensive GX, WX and ZX sets, such as remote voice recognition, while any change to the TV standard can damage its audio data – but it probably offers the best compromise between price and performance in the LG OLED series, just like the C9 before.

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