Google Stadia Will Pay to Delay 10 Games on PS4

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Google Stages did not get off to a good start, and the search engine giant seems to appreciate that the work is not there. As part of a press release that today unveils a roadmap for the platform, the organization has admitted that it plans to release 10 timed exclusive releases by July 2020, meaning that it pays publishers for those titles on other systems such as the PlayStation 4 to be postponed.

Although it did not specifically mention software, it did say that the streaming service will add a total of more than 120 games in 2020. Regarding exclusive time relationships, it added that it "works with our partners to share more about those games soon ". So far, one has been timed exclusively for Google Stages in the form of Tequila Works' Gylt, which is expected to be launched on other systems.

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