‘Glorified schedule’ apps among top tech concerns for event planners

Business planners revealed their key ambitions, moans and complaints about technology during a round table discussion at the Savoy Hotel in central London.

Around 50 event planners took part in a series of round-table discussions at the C&IT Corporate Forum and one of them was asked what technology would make it easier to set up events.

As part of the conversations, people emphasized best practices and frustrations about apps that didn't have as much to offer as they had hoped.

This led to a discussion about conference apps, which some people described as problematic due to the varying quality of event apps.

Some complained about experiences from event apps that a & # 39; glorify schedule & # 39; were that not much ROI offered.

“Sometimes technology is used at an event without thinking about it. The customer could say they want technology but have no purpose, & said a planner

"Tech should marry the story of the event," another added.

Others looked for something like a & # 39; super app & # 39; who could also offer reliable networking opportunities for organizing meetings, as well as information for the event and could include a platform like Slido.

Some planners complained that although there was a lot of technology available, they were often too expensive.

That meant that many people still used "manual invitations, spreadsheets and diet products" that could lead to errors.

"The solutions are there but they are too expensive," said a planner.

One person talked about how she more recently focused on technology that helps her team do their job better at the back, rather than gimmicks such as expensive holograms.

Rather, the key issues were tackling event issues and how technology could help work behind the scenes.

She added that such an approach could improve the overall experience of the delegate by reducing costs behind the scenes so that more could be invested for the home.

One of the technical round tables on the company forum

Event registration and AV settings

In the recent C&IT SOTI: Corporate Report, business planners said that registering events and setting up AV were among their most important technical concerns.

Perhaps surprisingly, nobody mentioned VR, AR or AI surveyed.

At the round table, an event planner talked about problems working with technology companies in other countries and said £ 10,000 was spent on an event app in China, money spent in confidence but largely useless on the spot.

Another talked about significant successes with RFID for following participants through sessions and this was now used to adjust their next agenda.

Social media were also discussed along with the difficulty of arousing interest in less visible brands or where the nature of the content might be slightly less inspiring, such as taxation.

It was also mentioned that social media could easily pick up the negative elements.

Some people found social media to be successful in recognizable content, but also by using hashtags that had a broader campaign or cause, rather than a specific hashtag that published their own events.

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