Gaming Innovation Group sign Compliance Deal with PokerStars

The Swedish Gaming Innovation Group, which announced the sale of their B2C online casino brands to Betsson just a few weeks ago, today unveiled a deal with PokerStars to give them access to their affiliated monitoring and compliance software, GiG Comply.

GiG Comply performs affiliate marketing compliance scans of websites to identify areas where affiliate sites are not compliant. This allows operators to contact their marketing partners, who promote their products without complying with relevant regulatory rules and laws.


Regarding the deal with PokerStars, Richard Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Gaming Innovation Group, said: "We are very happy that we have signed PokerStars for GiG Comply. By helping them with compliance efforts, they remain at the forefront of responsible gaming. "

Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director, Group Public Relations at The Stars Group, commented on behalf of PokerStars: "We work closely with our affiliates to ensure that the content delivered to their audience is compliant and responsible and meets the same high standards expected of the PokerStars brand."

"GiG Comply adds a new dimension to those relationships and controls, and we look forward to seeing the technology in action."

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