Episode 1755: The Future Of Gaming, Footballers Playing FIFA, Donkin It Up, The Mighty Quinn


Tue 28th Apr 2020

Eoin, Murph, Ken, Austin Moorhead

For today’s show Ken took off his virtual reality suit to spend some time watching professional footballers play video games. He is impressed by their focus and dedication, but their trash talk needs a lot of work.

With live sport postponed, it’s not hard to see why e-Sports is having its moment in the sun. So it’s a good time to chat to Austin Moorhead, who explores the world of professional gaming by embedding himself within two teams in a pro league in his new book, ‘Young Guns: Obsession, Overwatch and the Future of Gaming.’

More and more members are getting in touch about their businesses and that can only mean one thing… MORE DONKS!

Plus we have some Niall Quinn height news and wonder if David Meyler the professional footballer is a direct result of David Meyler the elite gamer.

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