Enjin Coin (ENJ) January 13, 2020 Week in Review: Price down 5.45% | Low Cap Crypto


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Enjin Coin saw its price fall by -5.45% in the past week. It's below its 20-day moving average with 5.7%, so it's a bit gone. The bullish momentum of Enjin Coin, determined by the distance to the 20-day moving average, is quite negative compared to the other coins that we cover, and can therefore be due to an upward correction or sort of a period of low volatility. Taking volatility into account, Enjin Coin is more prone to significant price movements than 33% of the coins in our index, so it is considerably less volatile than the other cryptocurrencies that we monitor. If volatility over the past three weeks is an indication of what is going to happen, we can expect Enjin Coin to bounce between 0.06943477 and $ 0.08219223 US dollars per coin.

Where to trade Enjin Coin (symbol: ENJ): Gate, Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex

Volume update

In the period of the preceding 7 days, the daily volume of Enjin Coin in terms of its own currency fluctuated between 1,356,824 and 25,588,824. In the previous three weeks, the volume trend has no clear direction, while price developments are clearly declining. Over the past 7 days, Enjin Coin's trade revenue – the percentage of available offer that was traded – came to 1.61%. This turnover rate is higher than approximately 66.28% of the cryptocurrencies that we control, which means that it is above average and will therefore have sufficient liquidity for many investors / traders.

Commitment update

In the past week, Enjin Coin saw its holders go from 32,203 to 32,543, an increase of 1.06%. Total transactions increased from 682,615 to 698,149 – an increase of 2.28%. The combined engagement growth rate (growth rate in holders plus growth rate in transfers) of Enjin Coin is therefore 3.34%, which is relatively more than 85.11% of the cryptocurrencies that we follow. This may indicate that the currency is on the right track to actually get and use it.

Status of technological development

Enjin Coin currently has 10 public repositories on GitHub, the oldest of which is now 2.39 years young. The last public update of one of its repositories was the last day, which is pretty good, since it suggests that the currency is still in active and rapid technical development. The public repositories of Enjin Coin have a total of 184 viewers, which is below the average compared to his colleagues & # 39; s; that is more than just 38% of the 100 comparable coins in our index. The currency has reported 7 issues in its public repositories. Compared to the number of viewers it has, the number of open numbers seems to be good. To explain: the ratio between open issues and developers viewing Enjin Coin's GitHub repos is more favorable than 76% of comparable coins in our index.

Enjin Coin News and commentary

In the past week we have found 2 links about Enjin Coin that we found particularly interesting. Where available we have added an excerpt of the article that we think might be interesting.

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