Electroneum, IBM’s Hyperledger, Gemini Trust, CryptoCompare And Consensys Codefi, Among The Winners Of City AM’s 2020 Crypto Awards

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Approximately 200 crypto and blockchain influencers, entrepreneurs and experts came to the event in the London business district despite risks and concerns about the COVID-19.

The show has to go ahead, and City AM's Crypto Awards did so despite increasing COVID-19 related cancellations in the UK and around the world. James Bowater, the editor-in-chief of the Crypto Insider edition of the city's most widely read business newspaper, hosted what he believed to be the first of many Crypto Awards.

Some big names in blockchain and crypto projects have won awards, including CryptoCompare, in the Community Enhancement category. Bitstamp has received the Payment Service Provider Award. Electroneum, the Social Impact and Sustainability Award. Gemini Trust has won the Digital Asset Custodian Award.

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The Deployment in Fintech Award went to Consensys Codefi. UK-based Coinpass received the Crypto Exchange Platform trophy. Marta Piekarska-Geater of IBM's Hyperledger project received the Outstanding Industry Contribution Award. The Service Provider Award went to CMS Lay, while Zerion received the UX / UI Award. Outlier Ventures and Cygnetise won the Incubator / VC and Enterprise Blockchain awards, respectively.

"I am delighted to see that you have all managed despite the hard times," Bowater told an audience of approximately 200 crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs, experts and influencers. He recalled that Crypto Insider's journey started two years ago and so far & # 39; amazing & # 39; used to be.

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The 697th Mayor of London, William Russell and James Bowater, editor of Crypto AM.

London Mayor William Russell was also present and delivered a humorous speech saying that the 697th person in any role was not as groundbreaking and that the first mayor, appointed by Richard the First in 1198, Henry Fitz Ailwin, would have thought blockchain was some kind of new castle defense system.

Even more serious, the mayor thanked City AM for supporting the Crypto Awards and stressed that London is a world leader in financial innovation.

"We are the world hub for technical talent," he added. "We generated more than 76,000 FinTech jobs and closed deals in the industry worth over £ 2.9 billion in 2019, helping us support regulatory standards worldwide."

The Mayor said that London's talent and global leadership in innovation are reflected today in the Crypto Awards, which he says are the first of many to come.

The buzz, hype, and energy was overwhelming, and the expectations grew for weeks before the event peaked, when Electroneum CEO and founder Richard Ells took to the stage to deliver his speech to those attending the awards ceremony.

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He explained how cryptocurrency can make a difference in a world where 1.7 billion people have no bank and half of the world's population is struggling to access the digital economy.

“For example, Electroneum has made it easy for people to earn cryptocurrency and hundreds of people are now replenishing their income through our AnyTask freelance platform where job sellers don't need a bank account. We've created a whole new way for people to buy technical skills at ridiculously low prices. "

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Mr. Ells spoke about the more than 40,000 people who have signed up as sellers at AnyTask since the soft launch of February 13, and talked about the benefits for non-bank users who therefore don't have access to another freelance platform.

& # 39; There is a logo designer in Pakistan. He has no bank, so he cannot use Fiverr. He's disabled, struggles with his job and he's so excited to be on AnyTask, 'continued Mr. Ells. "He's been very busy since AnyTask went live, his skills are fantastic and he only asks for US $ 10 for a logo design. He's just one of many stories from people in developing countries who benefit from AnyTask. & # 39;

The March 11, 2020 Crypto Awards in London are a clear demonstration that cryptocurrency and blockchain are revolutionizing the financial industry in a way that cannot even stop a global pandemic.

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Georgie Frost from The Times took the stage to announce the winner of the awards.


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