Doom Eternal pre-order guide: get the best prices on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Although it has slowed down a bit, it is the best approach to ensure that your Doom Eternal pre-order is now ready and now in the bank, as we are getting closer to tearing and tearing to our hearts' content. A Doom Eternal pre-order for the March 20, 2020 Release Date (a later, not yet specified date for Switch) guarantees that you play on the first day, on the first opportunity, but also gives you some great extra pre-order exclusive bonuses.

The news from Doom Eternal has been shifting in recent months, but we know it will take nearly twice as long as 2016 & Doom's and our latest experience with the game revealed how big, bombastic, and bloody it may be. Expect chaos, great firefight and fights, and an entire army of beasts and demons to send. You can watch the latest trailer from January this year to get a glorious taste to remind yourself of the world, while our friends at Official Xbox Magazine have talked about how fast it is and that it's the best Doom to date is. In more bantery news, if you want to see Doom-man in Smash Bros, you might have to wait.

Anyway, you can fill your boots with the details later, after you've packed your Doom Eternal pre-order, and that's why you're on this page. First, there are three main versions of the game – Collector & # 39; s, Deluxe or Standard – that are up for grabs and each offers you a number of bonuses and details are given below. However, everyone With Doom Eternal pre-order you get the Rip and Tear package with a digital download of Doom 64, a DOOT Revenant skin, Throwback Weapon Shotgun skin and a Cultist Base master level. As also shown in the image below. Solid bonuses for a pre-order and the kind of digital excellence that we now see with many pre-orders. These items – which remember a full game – in addition to playing Doom Eternal on the first day, make you aware of how you can order Doom Eternal in a powerfully tempting way.

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Get the best Doom Eternal pre-order deals

Your host of go-to retailers all mentions Doom Eternal pre-orders and you can (usually) choose your go-to retailer for your convenience. There are a few retailers on both sides of the pond who still have a few things going on, so check the details below to see what can be thrown at every retailer for free. Anyway, whatever version you want, and whoever you want to go with, all the details are below.

Doom Eternal pre-orders – Collector & # 39; s Edition

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The largest of the big ones, who made a splash when it was announced because of that iconic helmet, the Collector's Edition is the best Doom Eternal pre-order you can buy – if you can find it in stock. It has basically gone in and out of stock because it was up for grabs, so you may need some patience if you plan to hunt for one of these bad guys. In the Collector & # 39; s Edition you will find: a Deluxe Edition version (including Campaign DLC) of the game in a great steel bookcase; a full-size replica of a portable Doom slayer helmet; a Doom lore book; a lithograph "The Gift of Argent Power"; and a playable cassette along with, plus download codes for digital copies of Mick Gordon's Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal soundtracks. Don't forget that you also get the Rip and Tear back. Nice.

Doom Eternal pre-orders – Deluxe Edition

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Get your Doom Eternal pre-order in the form of the Deluxe Edition and buy some excellent goodies. Together with the Rip and Tear package you get the Deluxe Edition from Doom Eternal in advance: the basic version of the game; a Year One pass with access to two add-ons for DLC campaigns; a demonic slayer skin; and a classic weapon sound package. Solid. Note that this and the standard version below are the variations that many retailers change slightly in the area of ​​steel bookcases and what not, so follow the links below and see what they offer.

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