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The Financial Conduct Authority warned that Pro options – which offer "profitable investments in Bitcoin" – may be a scam.

The Pro-options website – full of spelling errors and grammar errors – offers enthusiastic compliments from so-called investors who work for fictional companies such as Skynet, which were featured in the Terminator films, and OsCorp – a reference from Spider-Man.

A poorly written note explains: “I have never seen a platform that pays really well, such as pro options. Thos is amazing.

"I thank every moderator here for the most help to my account manager."

Another state: "I am so excited, I thank the entire pro-options staff because I have received my $ 4000 profit … thank you all especially to my manager."

An FCA spokesperson said: “We believe that this company provides financial services or products in the UK without our permission.

“Almost all companies and individuals who offer, promote or sell financial services or products in the UK must be authorized by us.

“Some companies, however, trade without our permission and some are knowingly scams.

“This company is not authorized by us and focuses on people in the UK. Based on the information available to us, we believe that it performs regulated activities that require authorization. "

Pro options has been contacted for a response.

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