Best of NAMM 2020: The MusicRadar awards

NAMM 2020: Hands up, we haven't spent enough time looking at the new woodwinds and music stands – maybe next year – but from the perspective of guitar, hi-tech and drums we would like to think we have seen as much as everyone in Anaheim.

There was certainly plenty to see, but which new products won the show? We have asked our team of experts to think about that question and come up with a number of answers: here are the winners of the strongly disputed NAMM 2020 prizes from MusicRadar.

The best in guitars

Best electric guitar: PRS McCarty S2 594

(Image credit: PRS)

PRS & # 39; s 2020 is so extensive that it can easily ignore the importance of the S2 McCartys. The 594 is our choice because the top line design brings more players. It is an example of the strengths of PRS in building, with its dedication to deliver those qualities to more players than ever at affordable prices.

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Best acoustic guitar: Martin SC-13E

(Image credit: future)

The SC-13E laughs at the idea that Martin are traditionalists with real innovation aimed at inspiring players who are not dependent on heritage. We have never experienced such high ferret access in an acoustic way, and then there is that offset form. A really fresh approach to acoustic design.

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Best bass guitar: Warwick Sadowsky Metro

(Credit: Warwick credit)

When it was announced in December that Warwick and Sadowsky were working together for a new, European-made instrument line called the Metro, we couldn't wait to get hold of the new basses. The wait is over and we are pleased to announce that the Metro is playable, packed with features and definitely worth investigating.

More information:

Best bass amp: Orange Little Bass Thing

(Credit: orange)

The new amp from Orange, the Little Bass Thing, has amazed us with its functions, power and portability. Another winner for the venerable brand.

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Best guitar amp: Positive Grid Spark 40

(Credit balance: Positive grid)

The 16,000 pre-orders that this amplifier currently has speaks volumes about the reputation of Positive Grid's BIAS modeling. And we can confirm that this amp sounds as good as we had hoped when we filmed a demo during the show.

But it offers more; the ability to transpose chords from streamed audio songs from YouTube, Spotify and more. You can generate your own backing tracks. Then there is the recording potential. We can't wait to get one!

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Best guitar effects: Neural Quad Cortex

(Credit: neural DSP)

A real surprise from the plugin experts – enter the fierce market for multi-effects modeling units with confidence. Tell Helix and Headrush that there is a new player in the city, and what we saw and heard on the show floor was convincing …

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Guitar Innovation Award: Gamechanger Light

(Credit: Gamechanger Audio)

The securities pedal market has never been this busy with quality; Brands scream for your well-deserved cash and precious real estate. So when we say that we are really blown away by the Light, we don't say it … er … light.

The Latvians bring innovation, pizza and superlative sonics to an optical spring reverb. See what that means for yourself …

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The best music technology

Best hardware synth: Korg Wavestate

(Credit: Korg credit)

Okay, we're cheating a bit here, because we've already carried out the assessment rule on Korg & # 39; s beautifully restarted Wavestation, but we don't hesitate to pay a true tribute to a classic from the 90s that is still sophisticated offers sound design tools for the 21st century.

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Best music software: Universal Audio LUNA

(Image credit: UA)

Universal Audio demonstrably delivered the story of NAMM 2020, boldly announced the LUNA recording system, which is essentially a free DAW for users of the company's Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces.

Read more: LUNA from Universal Audio is a free DAW for owners of the Apollo audio interface

Best music technology innovation: Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit

(Credit: Vochlea)

Voice-to-MIDI is in danger of becoming the in-thing, so hats off to Vochlea for delivering the most convincing application to date for mouth-controlled percussive sound control, melodic parts and effect manipulation.

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Best DJ equipment: Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

(Credit: Pioneer DJ)

With its new 6-channel club mixer, Pioneer DJ focuses on the Xone series from Allen & Heath, with a hugely flexible-looking hub that combines an astonishing amount of connectivity with numerous practical creative tools.

Watch: Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

Best studio equipment: SSL audio interfaces

(Credit balance: SSL)

Pro audio specialist Solid State Logic enters the home market for recordings with two affordable USB audio interfaces: SSL 2 and SSL 2+. SSL quality for these prices is more than enough to get our attention for NAMM 2020.

Read more: SSL & # 39; s new budget audio interfaces promise studio quality at affordable prices

Best Eurorack equipment: 4MS Ensemble Oscillator

(Image credit: 4MS)

Full bonks from 4MS with the Ensemble Oscillator. 16 interval-related oscillators crammed into one module? It doesn't matter if we do that.

More information:

Best MIDI controller: Arturia KeyStep Pro

(Credit: Arturia)

The latest addition of Arturia to its controller range, the KeyStep Pro – a 37-key MIDI keyboard equipped with a multi-track sequencer and many I / O options, leads this highly competitive field on NAMM 2020.

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Best in Drums

Best drum set: Yamaha Stage Custom Hip

(Credit balance: Yamaha)

The Stage Custom from Yamaha has been one of the most successful drum kits in history and now Yamaha has given a desirable new twist to the renowned mix of sound quality and affordability of the Stage Custom with the Stage Custom Hip.

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Best percussion: Vic Firth RE-MIX brushes

(Credit: Vic Firth)

Co-designed by top percussionist Pete Lockett, and available in a wide range of natural materials, from broom corn to African grass, these RE-MIX brushes are designed to offer versatility in a variety of genres with everything from traditional kits to cajons and more. Work done, we think.

More information:

Drum innovation award: Roland Acoustic Design Series

(Credit: Roland)

Roland continues to innovate in the world of electronic drums. While they are their & # 39; straight & # 39; To keep building up the V-Drums line, they have also unveiled this e-wolf in acoustic sheep's clothing. It looks like an acoustic kit – and a pretty handsome one – but actually it's a full-fledged V-Drums set. Secretly.

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