Aussie founder dedicates start-up to support bushfire-affected businesses

For travel technology this week, about making lemonade from lemons; one start-up in Australia has transformed itself into a travel technology platform that helps companies hit by the fire to attract customers.

In other travel tech news, know how much digital skills are required for a job in the travel industry and the Europe-based driving bolt adds a new feature to his app.

Start-up supports companies affected by bushfire

Inspired by people who want to support fire-affected communities, Zoë Manderson, co-founder of travel start-up Alpaca Travel, has changed her travel technology platform to highlight companies affected by forest fires and encouraged tourists to bring their dollars there.

With Alpaca, brands and tour operators can create maps and plot routes, tours and routes for potential travelers. The site, Roadtrip for Good, also invites people to plan their own trips based on the information.

Roadtrip for Good is partly intended as a way to show that they are open for business again.

Although seeing the platform make a difference in the short term is satisfactory, Manderson emphasizes that this is a long-term solution. In the coming weeks and months she will work on leading people to Easter and winter rides.

Roadtrip for Good will encourage people who planned summer trips in January to rebook their trips in the fall and beyond.

Digital skills required (not much)

For many, the start of a new year is the perfect incentive to make important changes to their lives. One aspect that many Britons will often focus on is their job – because they are looking for another company or even pursuing a whole new career path.

Recent research by Investors in People in the area of ​​workplace accreditation has even shown that 24% of Britons will actively seek a new role in 2020.

Interested in the job market, The Knowledge Academy analyzed the latest findings from, which analyzed more than 8 million job ads, to discover the British industries that require specific digital skills for most and least applicants.

The research showed that only 27% of the roles in housing and food supply applicants require specific digital capabilities.

To get a job of your dreams, look at the required digital skills on the job specification of the roles you are interested in and then list them – this provides a focused approach to what you should try to learn.

Bolt adds stops

Bolt has announced the addition of new functionality in its ride-hailing app that allows users to request trips with stops at up to three locations with an estimated rate for the entire trip.

The multi-destination feature will be rolled out globally this month to Bolt users on Android and iOS. It is particularly suitable for groups of passengers who need different final destinations along a route and for customers who gather people on their way to a shared final stop. Bolt offers an XL category in London with access to vehicles suitable for groups of up to six passengers.

Customers create extra stops by selecting the small plus sign on the right side of the address box when searching for a destination in the latest version of the app. The driver sees the route with all stops in their Bolt driver app after the ride has started.

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