Animal Crossing New Horizons gets officially-licensed Switch and Switch Lite accessories from Hori

Forward Animal Crossing New Horizons& # 39; On March 20, Nori unveiled a number of merchandise with an Animal Crossing theme for the Switch and Switch Lite. The accessories have an official Nintendo license and are currently only available on Amazon Japan, but fans around the world can have the entire collection (or any item) shipped internationally.

The collection contains a multi-compartment control cabinet, a Switch box that you can attach to your back, a case for your Switch Lite, a Switch Lite semi-hard case, a Charging standard switch, and a carrier bag for general use. Unfortunately, almost everything in the collection appears as & # 39; out of stock & # 39 ;. You can order the tote back, which would be sent March 31, and I hope the other items will get more stock soon. I especially love the sling, with its two pockets and irresistible leaf-shaped zippers.

(Credit: Hori / Nintendo)

The entire collection has a detailed and aesthetic design that is typical of the manufacturer. Hori is a respected manufacturer of third-party gaming accessories for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch, with the majority of their product licensed. Their Animal Crossing New Horizons collection for the Switch and Switch lite is just as cute as the villagers who inhabit New Horizons island paradise.

Each of the items in the Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch collection from Hori would be the perfect companion for your next remote island getaway, which luckily is only a few weeks away for fans of Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is finally around the corner, but if you can't stand the wait, check out these 11 games such as Animal Crossing to stop you.

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