8 cycling gadgets from the CES tech show 2020

There are always some interesting bike related products at the CES consumer technology show in Las Vegas, and here are the most striking of this year's event. Of course, the word & # 39; interesting & # 39; many different things include …

Benjilock bicycle lock

Benjilock - 1.jpg

Benjilock now offers U-locks that you can open using biometric technology – it recognizes up to 10 different fingerprints.

Each slot – versions of 6 inch and 8 inch are available – is equipped with a steel hardened steel bracket and is powered by a lithium battery that lasts up to six months after one charge.

Skeptics in the office point out that telephones unlocked with fingerprint technology can have a hard time in wet conditions. We have no idea if that will be a problem here, but a traditional metal key can be used if necessary.


Invoxia Bike Tracker

Invoxia Bike Tracker (1)

A problem with many GPS bike trackers is the battery life, but the makers of the Invoxia Bike Tracker believe that they are good for up to a month after a single charge. That sounds promising.

The tracker goes into a reflector and warns you in the event of an attempted theft. This allows you to geolocate your bike on an associated app if it is removed. You can also set security zones, such as the area where you live, and be notified when they are exceeded.

The Invoxia Bike Tracker contains a three-year subscription.


HiRide suspension

HiRide front and rear suspension Arenberg 2019 - 1.jpg

HiRide is a smart & # 39; eSAS & # 39; fully suspended system specifically for use on the road and gravel that is designed to improve comfort without losing efficiency. The system will be familiar to those who recall the only Pinarello Dogma K8-S racing bike that was launched in 2017, but the newest & # 39; eSAS & # 39; system from HiRide now includes a front wheel suspension and a rear wheel suspension on its own make frame.

HiRide front and rear suspension Arenberg 2019 - 7

HiRide & # 39; s party trick is the way the system automatically locks and unlocks the suspension depending on what you are riding on, which means you get the comfort of full suspension when you need it and the efficiency of a stiff bike when you that does not, all without the driver having to do anything.

We showed you the system last year when we drove it on the brutal cobblestones of the Arenberg in northern France.


Suunto 7 smartwatch

Suunto 7 smartwatch - 1.jpg

Suunto has launched a new sports smartwatch that offers a pulse heart rate sensor and GPS maps.

"Discover the world around you using the free offline maps with terrain data, paths and contour lines," says Suunto. "It is easy to look at the maps at any time and they are always one swipe away during training. Built-in heat maps for 15 activities, including running, swimming and cycling, show you the most popular routes so you can train where others have trained or choose to stay away from the beaten track. "

It is certainly an interesting concept and we would be very interested to give it a twist.


Rider + headphones with leg guidance

Partron Rider + headphones with leg guidance - 1.jpg

Rider + leg-guided headphones from the South Korean Partron are designed to listen to music while cycling without blocking out traffic noises. In addition, they are gesture-able and, in combination with a GPS app, they can give you directions while driving.

Ao Air Atmos Faceware

Atmos Faceware CES - 1 (1) .jpg

The Atmos is designed to provide you with filtered air in a polluted atmosphere.

"Our patented PositivAir technology uses fans to create a positive pressure clean air environment in which you can breathe freely, without sealing around the mouth and nose," says Ao Air. "This system allows clean, cool air to escape comfortably from the mask around the face and creates a continuous one-way outflow that keeps outside air out. This means unparalleled protection (up to 50x better than today's leading solutions)."

The Atmos uses what AO Air calls its D & # 39; Fend Multistage Filtration system.

"Our pre-filter removes the largest particles, while our active nanofilter is designed at the molecular level and provides the ultimate protection against fine dust particles, pollen and ash."

However, it is not cheap. The Ao Air Atmos Faceware must be delivered in July this year and costs $ 350 (around £ 270), and you must replace the filters over time.


Wello Family electric tricycle

Wello Family.jpg

This solar powered tricycle is designed to take you plus an adult passenger or two children on city trips (so you might think that the word & # 39; Family & # 39; push it a bit in the product name).

The French brand Wello says it produces zero CO2 emissions per kilometer traveled and only 6.37 g / km CO2 taking into account its production.


Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 e-bike

Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 - 1.jpg

"Hey road.cc, has anyone already invented a hydrofoil e-bike?"

It is a question we receive every day *. Well, feast your eyes on the Manta5. To be honest, it seems nice – given the right water temperature.

The variable pedal aid can be turned up or down and you have a top speed of up to 12 km / h.

We have told you about the Manta5 before, but it is now almost ready for delivery at a price of £ 5,790.


* May not be true.

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