10 Things Your Company Should Know About Cyber Security

Great, but what does it all really mean? So here it is, a top ten list with & # 39; Everything you wanted to know about Cyber ​​Security but you didn't dare ask & # 39;

10. Most cyber threats can even be prevented.

A quick Google search reveals numerous reports about companies that have been attacked by hackers and have subsequently lost income. Although these threats seem advanced and complex to the inexperienced eye, a large percentage of them can be prevented by taking appropriate security measures.

9. Poor email security is a serious threat.

In my opinion, e-mail is the main cause of poor cyber security of companies. Hackers often send phishing e-mails that try to obtain confidential business information by installing malware in the network or by referring to infected domains.

8. Tablets and mobile phones can cause security breaches.

When I talk to people about cyber security, these people are always surprised, they didn't know this. Of course, more companies use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to work outside the home. Although this is useful, without proper protective measures, a device can easily be compromised by hacking, loss or theft.

7. IoT brings new security challenges.

The future of the business world lies in the Internet of Things (IoT – it means that all things in the world are taken and connected to the internet). This integration will improve efficiency, but considerable expertise is required to cope with these new threats.

6. Most companies know coding but avoid it.

Encryption is known, it is designed to prevent outsiders from viewing confidential data if they succeed in gaining access. Unfortunately, most companies did not implement it because of a lack of understanding.

5. Cyber ​​attacks cause loss of customer confidence.

When hackers attack a company, the customers of that company lose faith in them. This applies in particular to companies in the financial sector. In some cases, restoring customer confidence may be more difficult even if the company recovers its information.

4. Downtime can paralyze companies.

Cyber ​​attacks cause a failure in business. Your average company needs time to regroup and restore the systems. This downtime can be paralyzing because the time-down time would allow customers to shift their attention to your competitors.

3. Negligence of employees can jeopardize network security.

The most striking and published cyber threats come from hackers and malicious software. However, employee negligence can contribute to data loss and security breaches. The knowledge and training of staff must be taken into account when setting up cyber security measures.

2. Intelligence in the field of IT cyber security is underutilized.

Information about current cyber security threats is available to IT professionals on a variety of platforms. However, this information is not used in most companies because technicians do not check

1. There is a lack of skills in the Cyber ​​Security industry.

It is clear that all companies use IT for daily tasks, but a large percentage of companies lack real professionals to meet their security needs. This can be attributed to a shortage of Cyber ​​Security Professionals, including the costs for a company to hire such a person.

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